4 Social Entrepreneurs that Are Changing the World

There is a movement across the globe today that says solutions to society’s most pressing social issues cannot be left up to the government to determine. Social entrepreneurs are business owners that decide to take on the work of engaging with social problems implementing systems that offer broad-scale change.

Social Entrepreneurs That Change the World


A social entrepreneur uses the principles of entrepreneurialism to develop a business venture that brings about social changes. The performance of a business is normally measured by profit and return on investment. Social entrepreneurs frequently do their work through non-profit organizations, but this does not preclude them from being profitable. These businesses go the further step of adding a social value component.


Fast Company Magazine publishes an annual list of the best social entrepreneurs that fit their definition: “using the disciplines of the corporate world to tackle daunting social problems.” These are a few of the winners:


ACCION International. This is a nonprofit organization that provides business services and microenterprise loans to men and women in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the U.S.


City Year. This nonprofit organization takes young people from various backgrounds in the U.S. and South Africa and engages them in a year of full-time service and gives them leadership skills they can use to change the world.


College Summit. This is a national college access program in the U.S. that gives schools and districts the means to increase the college enrollment rate, especially from students with low-income backgrounds.


Mercy Corps. This organization takes places in the world afflicted by conflict, poverty and oppression and helps to transform them in peaceful, productive, prosperous communities.


Social entrepreneurs typically are completely committed to transforming their area of concern and it is the driving force behind their business. They have the skill to carry a vision to the ultimate in practical manifestation. They have they uncanny knack for enrolling masses of people in their strategy, which is decidedly user-friendly and easy to implement.


Are You a Social Entrepreneur?


If you are the kind of business person that can see solutions where others can only see problems and you have the creativity and drive to develop a venture that resolves the issues, you may be a social entrepreneur. You will be driven to affect social change while using your business skills to generate the revenue to make it happen. Like any other small business, with the right business plan and startup funding, you can become profitable while creating long-term change where it matter the most.

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